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Group & Centre Activities

Tree of Care encourages socialisation and promote development of life skills. As a valued participant of Tree of care, we will work with you to plan your week as per your dreams. Whether in the community or in the centre, Tree of care will support you.You may participate indpendently or as part of a group or both. Choice is yours!!!...


What type of programmes does Tree of care include?

Our programmes are client based to cater individual needs. Every partcipant will have the right to plan their week. Our programmes include, but not limited to: cooking, grocery shopping, swimming, dancing, going to movies, money handling, budgeting, and any dreams you have. Your imagination is our limit !!!...

Will Tree of care staff will pick and drop me off?

Sure!. Our friendly staff will pick you up from your home, support you with the activities of your choice, and drop safely at your home. Your safety and well being is our priority.

What if I need individual support whilst participating in a group?

Tree of Care understands every person is unique and may sometimes need a bit of extra care at times. We will take care of you as per your need. Your safety and well being is our priority. 

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